Great Toe Joint Pain

Are you experiencing great toe joint pain? Is it uncomfortable or painful to pursue activities you enjoy because of it?

Great toe joint pain can stem from a variety of issues. In this article we will focus on one of the most common reasons you may be experiencing great toe joint pain.

Great toe joint pain can arise from arthritis within the joint. This arthritis, better termed osteoarthritis, is due to constant wear and tear to the joint and its cartilage. This can be due to traumatic injury or abnormal foot position and years of walking on the joint incorrectly, thus leading to a destruction of the cartilage and inflammation within the joint.

Patients typically complain of stiffness and/or pain at the joint with walking or activity. This pain is typically relieved with rest. It can be common to develop bone spurring around the joint as well which can become irritated in shoes. Patients will also typically notice a reduction in motion at the great toe joint.

Treatment of an arthritic great toe joint includes a decrease in activity, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication when tolerated, a stiff-soled shoe to limit range of motion at the joint and splinting when appropriate.

Surgical intervention may be warranted if pain persists and is not alleviated with conservative options. Surgical options vary by individual deformity and may include a joint-replacement implant or fusion of the joint and removal of spurring.

It is important to have a comprehensive examination by a qualified foot and ankle specialist to determine the best course of treatment for your pain.

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